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The PocketBook Memory Story

The PocketBook Memory is derived from a desire to honor and celebrate the legacies of the very people who created them - but to do so while they are in our presence. Each loved one is able to see, hear and experience those special people, places, and events that highlight their past and achievements. 

In particular, these personal memories help those who are facing memory loss like dementia and Alzheimer's stay connected to their past and with their family and friends. As an effective reminiscence therapy tool, its personalization through the custom cover design and Life Story Video makes it an unmatched memento.


Through the unique ability to combine family photos with home video or current phone video into a personalized video photo album, each person can conveniently relive their unique Life Story Video individually or in a shared setting. Each PocketBook Memory becomes a treasured family keepsake for future generations.

The Memories By Design Story

Memories By Design was founded in 2002 with the focus on producing Tribute Videos for the funeral services industry that honor and celebrate a loved one's life. 

Combining professional photo restoration, custom production moves and unparalleled personalization options, Memories By Design has established a reputation for outstanding products and customer service. Each custom video is created with the attention and respect the individual it is honoring, deserves.

Now, with over 19 years helping 180,000 families celebrate the memories of a lifetime, Memories By Design is proud to provide senior family members with their own Life Story Videos, capturing the special moments and achievements in one’s life. Each PocketBook Memory becomes a family treasure honoring a family legacy to be cherished for future generations. 

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