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Therapeutic Benefits

Understanding the Emotional Blessings for Your Family

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Family Relationships

Make the photo selection a family affair for your Life Story Video.

In addition to simply spending time together, selecting the photos  provides everyone a chance to reflect on cherished memories and the stories behind the photos!

Family Relations

An Impactful and  Meaningful Life 

Give validation to those who have 

made a difference in the world around them.


The images and stories within the PocketBook Memory gives validation to individuals, providing peace-of-mind and a tangible affirmation of the achievements in their meaningful life.  

Life Value

Affordable Simplicity

The PocketBook Memory

was developed exclusively for use as a Memory Therapy Tool.


Compared to a smartphone, the PocketBook Memory is easy to use, inexpensive, durable, lightweight and most of all, personalized to showcase the memories of a lifetime!


Reduce Social Isolation

Sharing past experiences and memories is an enjoyable and stimulating activity that allows for the formation of new connections and relationships through the discovery of shared experiences.

Social Isolation

Mental Stimulation

Recollection is not an easy thing, especially for those facing the challenges of dementia and Alzheimer's.


Reminiscence therapy can help strengthen memory in general, allowing seniors to develop a process for focusing and recalling, which can help them in day-to-day life.

Mental Stimulation

Reaffirm Self-Esteem

When no longer in a familiar place, individuals can feel lost or neglected. Reminiscence therapy can provide reminders of their past and help them feel connected again, giving them a certain calmness.  The PocketBook Memory also gives them a something to share and discuss with caregivers or other residents 

Self Esteem
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