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Life Story Video
Content Guide

Suggestions on Photo Selection

Life Story Video Content Guide

Here is a chronological list of suggested topics with the number of photos to use for each time period. Of course, every person has his/her unique Life Story, so adjust accordingly.

Photo Suggestion List

# of Photos               Description




Early Years – growing up, parents, siblings, activities as a child

High School – sports, friends, activities, graduation,

Military Career (if applicable) enlistments and/or discharge papers, awards,

Marriage – dating, wedding, honeymoon, places, friends, events, pre-children

Children/Family – birth, child, family photo, siblings, extended family

Family Activities – holidays, vacations, gatherings, hobbies, places

Career/Job – early years, noteworthy events or achievements, awards

Retirement Years – family, significant events, kids, grandkids, travel, hobbies

Home Video Suggestions

  • Family: Reunion / Holiday / Gathering

  • Favorite Activity / Significant Event

  • Personal Comment by a special family member or friend

Not Sure Which Photos to use for Your
Life Story Video?

Use our Life Story
Video Content Guide!

Selecting a specific number of photos that represent someone’s full life can be challenging.  To help, use this guide.


  • If they are up for it, consider having your senior members participate in the selectionprocess. This can be a wonderful visitation activity.

  • Use photos that include the individual, alone or with family and friends.

  • Select photos with warm, fun or memorable stories behind them to elicit a heartwarming reaction.

  • Don't forget special documents (marriage license, birth certificate, military award, etc.)

  • Don't overthink the photo selection. One simple photo can bring back a lot of memories.

  • Take time to learn about the story behind each photo.

  • Caption: Write a short concise description for each. Names, place, date, activity.

Scenic photos such as a special summer home, vacation spot, sports team, etc. may also be considered.

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