Pocketbook Memory

An innovative therapy tool that provides personalized reminiscence therapy for those experiencing memory loss from dementia and Alzheimer's.

Compared to a smartphone, the PocketBook Memory is easy to use, affordable, durable, lightweight and most of all, personalized to showcase the memories of a lifetime!

Lightweight & easy to hold - even for those with limited dexterity.

Personalized full-color cover & interior case.

Digitally restored photos accompanied by captions and music choices from our Selections Library.

Convenient playback option allows you to view Life Story on larger screen through your laptop, computer or TV!

Innovative therapy solutions for memory care... for just $125 ($99 Sponsor Program)

the life story

Showcase the memories of a lifetime through the personal Life Story Video!

Comprised of expertly restored family photos & video clips, and supported with captions that highlight the people, places, and events of your loved one's meaningful life.


The Life Story is further enhanced by your choice of ambient music from our Selections Library, helping make the viewing experience more powerful and emotionally connecting.

A Great Gift,

for Any Occasion...

Preserve those special vacation, reunion or event memories through your personal PocketBook Memory.

Protect your photos and home/phone videos in one dedicated place to share with family and friends.

It's today's new Video Photo Album!

Pick your custom theme from a gorgeous collection of captivating images ...

5.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's.

By 2050, that number is projected to be nearly

14 million.

alzheimer's by the numbers

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a lifetime of memories in the palm of your hand.

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