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Avoid Isolation through a Life Story Video 

A Life Story Video.

Personal. Emotional. Connecting.

At a time when social distancing can equal social isolation, there are ways to respond to these challenges in a personal and effective way.


During this time of isolation and restricted contact,

your residents and families can stay connected through PocketBook Memory's Life Story Video. These cherished and personal images keep the special memories of the people and achievements in a loved one's life, fresh and alive.

The PocketBook Memory is a customized hand-held video player holding each personal Life Story Video
that is produced with family-selected photos, video clips, and captions - blended with music.


With the capability to view independently as a resident or in a shared setting as a family, the PocketBook Memory preserves a Family Legacy that will be enjoyed and appreciated in the present, and for future generations.

Family Benefits

Digitally restored photos and Video

Clips with optional captions. 

Printed Personal Family Message available on inside cover.

Watch Life Story Video on larger

screen (laptop, computer or TV).

Personalized Cover Designs, ambient Music ChoicesFamily Messaging.

Sponsor Benefits

Simple and turnkey program eliminates additional staff workload.

Branding & messaging throughout 

the case and within Life Story Video.

Becomes a treasured family keepsake that came from you.

Personal therapy for memory care...for $99

Sponsor Price

Custom Personalization 

Cover Design Theme with Name and Photo 

Personal Family Message on the inside cover 

Cover Design theme



Speakers with

Volume Control

7" LCD

Screen Display


Control Panel


PocketBook Memory

Product Branding

As a sponsor, you receive logo/name and messaging placement throughout.


Your Logo on

both spines

Your Logo on both spines

Your Name

as presenter


Interior logo on control panel

Logo and/or

campus photo for "Welcome" message in Life Story Video



Entire back cover is available for logo, photo and messaging

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