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Research Studies and Therapeutic Benefits

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Digital Reminiscence Therapy

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Digital Reminiscence Therapy

Intended benefits of digital reminiscence therapy include:

  1) Increased sense of identity through a continuous narrative of life events.

  2) Improved mood by reflecting upon positive past experiences.

  3) Increased sense that one’s life has value by including personal achievements.

  4) Keep alive memories that if not otherwise revisited, might begin to disappear.

  5) Caregiver knows the individual better and provides more focused person-centered care.

Related Research Studies Observations:

"Participants produced a life-story book based on one-to-one life review sessions. Significant improvements in depression, communication, positive mood and cognition were reported...found significant improvements in autobiographical memory and depression."

Depression was significantly decreased while engagement was significantly increased.  Digital Reminiscence therapy proved an innovative approach to manage persons with dementia and thus help persons with dementia achieve a better mood and have more opportunities to engage in social interactions.”

“Participants, relatives, and care home staff viewed digital life storybooks as a positive experience; a very useful tool triggering memories. Participants showed improvement or stability in depression scores, were stimulated, experienced feelings of enjoyment, pleasure, and felt “excited” when watching.

It helped care staff see this as person-centered care while  more learning about their client and seeing them as a person and to value their experience.”


Family Relationships

Make the photo and video selection a family affair for your Life Story Video. Everyone a chance to reflect on cherished memories and the stories behind the photos!

Family Relations

An Impactful and  Meaningful Life 

The images and stories within the PocketBook Memory give validation to individuals, providing peace-of-mind and a tangible affirmation of the achievements in their meaningful life.  

Life Value

Affordable Simplicity

The PocketBook Memory was exclusively developed as a Memory Therapy Tool. Compared to a smartphone, it's easy-to-use, durable, inexpensive, and personalized!


Reduce Social Isolation

Sharing past experiences and memories is an enjoyable and stimulating activity that builds connections and relationships through similar experiences.

Social Isolation

Mental Stimulation

Reminiscence therapy can help strengthen memory in general, that allows seniors to develop a process for focusing and recalling, which can help them in day-to-day life.

Mental Stimulation

Reaffirm Self-Esteem

Reminiscence therapy can provide reminders of their past and help them feel connected again, giving them a certain calmness and improving their mood and social interaction

Self Esteem
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