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Create Your
Life Story Video

Your Photos. Your Memories. Your Story.


Register / Gather Your Photos

Using the link below, register for priority service and placement. 


Then, together with your loved one or family members, select photos that represent the most treasured memories or life moments.


These photos and memories combine to tell a story that is uniquely their own. Consider using home video clips to highlight a special event or achievement. Phone video can provide a more recent memory or personal message. 


Use the 'Life Story Content Ideas' link below for suggestions on photo selection and the 'Scanning/Capture Guide for digitizing your photos.


Create Captions

After selecting your photos and video clips, you are ready for the captions.


Captions help provide each photo or video clip with the story behind the image. They may include names, date, location and a brief description.


These captions will allow caregivers and family members generate topics of conversation and dialogue.


Download the Caption Form below to type in your captions and organize your photos.


Personalize Your PocketBook Memory

The final step is to transform your curated memories into a personalized PocketBook Memory!


After you have registered and received your order number, you may use our self-guided, online Order Form which will make it easy for you to select the cover design, add a personal family message or greeting, and choose your musical selections for the soundtrack of your Life Story Video. 


You may also add the number of photos, video clips or songs to your order, along with other delivery options for an additional fee.    

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