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Preserved for generations.
Home Digitizing Services

Home Digitizing Services
Preserve Your Family History

Whether downsizing, moving or spring cleaning, now is the right time to digitize your family photos,  home videos, and even important documents - and preserve them for
future generations!  Protect your family legacy 
before it gets lost or destroyed.

~ What We Digitize ~

Home Video  

How It Works!

  • Organize your media  (photos, home video, slides, etc.) and decide how much you want to digitize.

  • Choose the Package that fits your needs.

  • Complete the Online Order Form.

  • Send your materials to us for digitizing.

  • We'll confirm receipt of your materials and schedule your order.

  • Upon completion, we will notify you of shipping, including tracking information.

Have questions? Contact us! 




Any Combination of

3 Items


Any Combination of

7 Items




Any Combination of

20 Items


Big Box

*Send your Entire 

Box of Tapes/Photos

Custom Quote

*A bit overwhelmed with so many family photos and videotapes? Then save time and stress! Our Big Box option allows you to send us whatever you have, and we'll help organize and tally your materials, before we give you an accurate quote. 

1 item = 1 Videotape

(VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, HI-8, 8mm video, Mini-DV/DVC)

NTSC video formats only

Saved as mp4 file

1 item = 50 Photos/Slides

(from 2”x 2" up to 8”x12”)  call for larger sizes

Slides – 35mm size and must be

in protective frame

Saved as JPG file

A la Carte (1 or 2 Items)

1 Item = $25/each

DVD Ripping


Original cannot be copy-protected or professional video

Add to Packages

1 item = 1 Videotape

1 item = 50 Photos/Slides

$19/each Item after 3

$15/each Item after 20

Film Transfer

Starts at $.22/ft.

Call for Quote.

8mm, Super 8, & 16mm

USB (32g) w/
Storage Case


Display Home Digitize USB Drive Singleton 5-17-22.png

Digital Download
per 10g

Digitize - Digitial Download screeens HDS 5-17-22.png

DVD w/
Storage Case


Package Home Digitize DVD  5-17-22.png

Features - Benefits - Options

  • Our DVDs and USB drives come with a protective storage case so you can keep track of your family memories.

  • Free Return Shipping.

  • Optional Professional Photo Restoration: $2.50/each.

  • Organizational Media Checklist.

  • Free Cloud Hosting/Back-Up Storage for first year ($25/year after).

  • Optional Folder Chaptering is available to help organize your memories!

  • Optional video editing clean-up/labeling so you don't have to edit later.  

Delivery Options

What makes us different?

display montage for 16x9 screen clean alpha.png

Simple. Our area of expertise is family memories.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been producing

Tribute Videos for families across the country that

honor and celebrate incredible lives. We understand

the emotional value behind each and every family

photo and video we receive. We carry that same attention-to-detail and commitment of each Life Story Video through to our home digitizing services, giving you peace-of-mind from start to finish.

  • Videotape and film physically deteriorates over time.

  • Photos and slides can easily be scratched or damaged.

  • Digital photos and slides can be easily printed.

  • Digital format allows for viewing with a large audience.

  • Safely preserves family history for future generations.

  • Video and photos can be stored, shared, and backed-up on devices such as phones, tablets and online; and at the same time.

  • Film projectors and video players are obsolete, making it difficult to play the content.

  • A digital format physically takes up much less space, allowing for easy consolidation and storage.

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Why Digitize?

Give us a call, email us or Get Started online!


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