Getting Started in Honoring and Celebrating a Legacy

Through your residents' own Life Story Video! 

Getting Started.

Simple. Turnkey.

Each PocketBook Memory Life Story Video provides you an opportunity to honor and celebrate a legacy through this very personal keepsake.


The Sponsor Program is designed to minimize your staff's workload while providing a rewarding and positive emotional experience for your families. In turn, you earn recognition and credit through long-term marketing.


In working directly with the family, Memories By Design will coordinate the set-up, production, and delivery of each PocketBook Memory. Once we have finalized each one, we will deliver the completed PocketBook Memory to the location of your choice for presentation by you.  

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Simple to Execute: We work directly with each family, saving you time and labor.

Unique and Personal: No other gift is as personal and emotional for the family.

Earn the Credit: We do the work but you earn the credit through custom branding.

Marketing Power: Each PocketBook Memory becomes a treasured family keepsake long after the stay has ended.

Personal therapy for memory care...

for $99

Sponsor Price

Initial Set Up

1) Let's have a short discussion to make sure we have customized the program to fit your needs and answered your questions.


2) Complete the Sponsor Registration Form. (One-time contact Information.)


3) Complete the Sponsor Branding Checklist. (Provide information and messaging for PocketBook Memory and customized Family Flyer.)


4) Using the customized Family Flyer, introduce and share the PocketBook Memory to your families.  


5) The families register with Memories By Design and begin their steps towards ordering their own personal PocketBook Memory. 

The Package

-  The Sponsor Package ($99) for the Life Story Video includes:

   ~ 35 photos (restored by Memories By Design),          2 video clips (home or phone video), optional        captions and 2 Music Choices from the                    Selections Library.  

   ~ The PocketBook Memory case includes

      Cover Design choices, name and photo

      plate. and personal Family Message.


-  The family may customize their PocketBook Memory with additional photos, video or other options at their expense, handled directly by Memories By Design at the time of final production. 


Sponsors will not be charged for a PocketBook Memory order until a family has submitted an order for production.  


Sponsors will be billed at the end of each month for the number of orders submitted within that month.