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Give the gift of the PocketBook Memory!

Is there anything more special and personal than honoring a family legacy? The PocketBook Life Story Video is that gift.

Celebrate the incredible lives of your residents who truly make your communities a haven of rich family history. Special to them, their families, and your community!


Personalize your Gift Certificate with a heartfelt message and give them the gift of a lifetime!  

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Gift Certificate Theme Options

Did you receive a PocketBook Memory Gift Certificate?

Congratulations! You have received the opportunity to capture the Memories of a Lifetime through a very personal and custom Life Story Video!


Your PocketBook Memory Life Story Video  includes 35 photos and two video clips, accompanied by music, and optional captions.


You will also select a personal Cover Design, family message and ambient music in your Life Story Video.

*additional photos and video clips available (contact us for details)

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