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Life Story Video

Your Photos. Your Memories. Your Story.

the life story video

The challenges of dementia and Alzheimer's can be heartbreaking...for the individual and the family alike. That's why the PocketBook Memory's Life Story Video is so effective!


Family-selected photos and video clips bring back special memories and achievements in a person's life. And when produced into a Life Story Video captions with ambient music, it becomes a very personal easy-to-watch visual legacy to experience and share with family, friends and even caregivers.

Eva Hallam Solberg Bruckner recently received her own personal PocketBook Memory from her five wonderful children. They wanted this to help remind her of the people, places and events that made her life so wonderful and show how important she has been to everyone around her. 

unique to each individual

Each PocketBook Memory is a little different, especially the Life Story Video. 


These personal photos, video clips and captions honor and celebrate the special memories and accomplishments in a person's meaningful life.  


Use the links below to help you craft your own special Life Story Video   slectClick the button below for suggestions on personalizing a Life Story for your loved one.

share the life story

While the Life Story is able to be played on-demand with the PocketBook Memory, you can also easily share it on a large screen through your laptop, computer or TV through the USB cable!


Family members can order additional copies of the PocketBook Player or request other formats including USB Drive, DVD, or via online hosting!

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