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PocketBook Memory

Preserving Memories and Emotionally Connecting

The PocketBook Memory is a customized personal video player specifically designed to play a Life Story Video full of family-selected photos, video clips and captions blended with music and narration. These personal images and the stories behind them, help individual’s relive their special memories and achievements while sharing and connecting with their family .


Ulla's Reaction!

Ulla reacts as she receives her PocketBook Memory from her great-grandson.

Uniquely personal, the PocketBook Memory offers a custom cover design theme, photo, name and family message specific to each individual. 

The value continues in the Life Story Video as individuals take a flowing, emotional journey through the special people, places, events, and achievements that highlighted their life.


All photos are Photo Restored (removal of imperfections) and custom moves added to bring the images to life. Home video clips are carefully blended with proper audio mixing and editing, while optional captions add to the story with music  blended to set the right tone..

Affordable, durable and easy to operate, the Life Story Video automatically plays on the 7-inch screen each time the cover is opened, allowing individuals to enjoy their memories without any assistance.

Custom Personalization 

Perfect Peonies Display_transparent.png

Cover Design Theme with Name and Photo 

Portrait Photo on the Front Cover

Cover design

Ulla Open with Hands.png

Personal Family Message on the inside cover 

Cover design theme



Speakers with

Volume Control


Control Panel

7" LCD

Screen Display


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Reminiscence at its Best!

Let's Compare

There other methods of reminiscing but each have their

own limitations, and none are as personal and emotional.

Photo Album
  • Physically bulky

  • Potential need for assistance

  • Cannot hold video clips

  • No Sound (music, narration)

  • Cannot share in a group 

Tablet / Phone
  • Expensive

  • Complex/Confusing

  • Need for assistance

  • Generic in look

Digital Video Frame
  • Few play video clips

  • Limited sound options

  • Difficult to share

  • Cannot transfer files

  • Outdated format

  • Physical wear and tear

  • Difficult to transfer

  • Cannot copy and share

Computerized DVD Duplication
The PocketBook Memory
Spring Mum's Display.jpg
  • Compact

  • Easy to enjoy alone

  • Blends photos, video, captions, and sound

  • Easily be viewed on large screen with a group

Bruce and Nancy Front Cover and
  • Affordable

  • Simple to use - plays automatically 

  • Personalized case

  • Simple controls: volume, ff/rw and play/pause 

  • Digital video format (mp4)

  • Produced as a flowing chronological Life Story

  • Easy to transfer and update      

  • Free Photo Restoration

  • Free Back-up File Storage

  • Sponsor branding in 5 places plus inside Life Story Video.





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