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Honor and Celebrate a Family Legacy

Life Story Videos
for Your Family
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Welcome to
Life Story
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Silverleaf 365 and Memories By Design

There is nothing more personal than the special memories in one's life. That's why the PocketBook Memory Life Story Vides was created; to celebrate those important moments and achievements that brought so much fulfillment and meaning.  


Whether challenged by memory loss or simply wanting to preserve special memories and family connections, the PocketBook Memory Life Story Video does that in a truly unique, personal, and emotional way using family-selected photos and video clips. It's every family's opportunity to recognize and honor a family legacy.


Personalized Cover Design and ambient

music choices from Selections Library.

Digitally restored photos and home or phone Video Clips with optional captions. 

Printed Personal Family Message available on inside cover.

Easy to watch individually with simple controls and no need for assistance.

Watch Life Story Video on larger screen
through your laptop, computer or TV!

Innovative memory care therapy...
just $125   

"The PocketBook Memory is a HUGE help and enjoyment for Mom.  No bulky albums to lug around and the music is terrific!  I would HIGHLY recommend it to families who have loved ones with dementia issues.  Whenever Mom uses it , she is glued to it , and that makes us happy to know that she enjoys it.  Just a great, great connection."
Lane Alexander

"Oh my goodness!  So very cool.  What a gift. Mom loves her Pocketbook Memory - spends a lot of time looking at it. Thank you!"
Karen Dominguez

"She loved it! Wow, it made me cry, good job!  It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m still crying but it’s just so endearing.  I love the music.  The whole product is beautiful . Thank you so much!"
- Eileen Rossback

The PocketBook Memory

The PocketBook Memory is a dedicated portable video player for the Life Story Video, designed to be completely personalized and easy-to-use. 

  • The front cover includes a portrait photo and name plate, clearly identifying each PocketBook Memory to each specific individual.

  • A personal family message may be printed on the inside cover.

  • The 7-inch screen displays the Life Story Video, always automatically starting from the beginning each time the cover is lifted.

  • The controls include play/pause button, forward and reverse buttons, and volume controls.

  • The custom design theme continues throughout the entire player.  


The Life Story Video

The Life Story Video uses family-selected photos and video clips that are blended with music and optional captions, professionally produced in chronological order. Photo restoration and custom moves are added throughout. Home video clips are carefully blended with proper audio mixing and editing. Then the images are blended with music to set the right tone while optional captions available to help tell the story.


This creates a flowing, emotional journey highlighting the special people, places, and events that made your family member's life so special.

The Life Story Video can also be viewed on a big screen for group viewing or uploaded to the Internet for easy access and additional sharing.

Perfect Peonies Display_transparent.png

Custom Personalization 

Cover Design Theme with Name and Photo 

Portrait Photo on
the Front Cover

Cover design
theme throughout


Ulla Open with Hands.png

Personal Family Message on the inside cover 

Cover design theme

Speakers with
Volume Control

Control Panel

7" LCD
Screen Display

Package Contents

Life Story Video Package

  • PocketBook Memory video player

  • Custom Cover Design Theme

  • Personal Family Message

  • 35 Photos (photo restoration and custom moves)

  • 2 Video Clips

  • 2 Song Choices

  • Optional Captions

  • Free Shipping


PocketBook Memory

custom video player

Amira Perez Celebration Cover PBM Display.png

*Option to expand package with more photos/video clips, etc. 

Standard Delivery

LSC IPhone + IPad Screen View Jack Harris .png
Package LSC Case-USB Only Mary Edwards.png
Package Display dvd-dIsc ONLY Martin USA.png

Three Additional Delivery Options

Digital Download / Online Hosting

USB Drive (Flash)


How It Works:

  1. Register at this link.

  2. Upon Registration, you will receive instructions to complete your order. This includes:   

    • Selecting your photos and video clips   

    • Completing your Information Order Form (selecting cover theme, music and family message) 

    • Completing captions (optional)   

    • How to upload materials

  3. Once we receive the everything, we will complete a preview within 4 business days, then and you a link to review and approve the PocketBook Memory Life Story Video. 

  4. Once approved, your PocketBook Memory video player will be printed, produced, and shipped to you in two weeks. Other delivery options vary from 24 hours to 3 days.

Life Story Vieo Samples

Life Story Video Samples

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