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What is the PocketBook Memory?

The PocketBook Memory is a powerful reminsicence therapy tool with an emotional impact for those with memory loss such as dementia or Alzheimer's. Its very personal family content connects families across all levels of the senior community.

This hand-held customized video player allows individuals to watch their personal Life Story Video on a 7-inch screen, comprised of family-selected photos and video clips and captions supported by ambient music. This creates an emotional visual journey through an individual's legacy.

Not only can individuals reminisce about the special people, places and events of their life, they relive their achievements and meaningful life has impacted those around them.

What does the PocketBook Memory look like?

The PocketBook Memory is a 8.3 inch x 6 inch custom printed case protecting a 7-inch screen on the inside. The entire cover has an attractive custom theme design with front cover displaying the individual’s photo and name, ensuring easy recognition.

When the cover is lifted to reveal the screen, the Life Story Video will being playing automatically. The inside top cover contains a Personal Family Message printed over an attractive scenic background.

The individual's name is on both spines, and with its size and design, the PocketBook Memory can be conveniently stored like a book on a shelf, with easy access and identification.

What is in the Life Story Video?

The Life Story Video is comprised of family-selected photos and video clips (home/phone) supported by optional captions and ambient music. Each photo and video clip highlights those special people, places and events that have special meaning and represent that person’s accomplishments.

The images are photo restored (removal of imperfection such as scratches, fading, etc.) and subtle custom moves are added to bring the photos to life.

The player has fast-forward, rewind and pause options to allow a particular photo to be viewed and reminisced.

Unlike a traditional photo alubm, the PocketBook Memory allows video clips and music to be incorporated. The combination creates a powerful emotional connection for anyone watching this visual legacy of one's unique life.

What if the PocketBook Memory is damaged (dropped, liquid spill, etc.)?

A PocketBook Memory may be replaced from Memories By Design for $60 with free shipping and handling. The damaged PocketBook player must be returned for inspection.

If only the Life Story Video of the PocketBook Memory is damaged or does not play back correctly, Memories By Design will replace the content for $25 (plus shipping, if neccesary).

If the PocketBook arrives damaged, Memories By Design will replace it as soon as possible, at no charge. We do request the damaged player be returned to us, at our cost, so that we may identify the problem.

How long does the battery last? And how does it charge?

The PocketBook Memory has a playback duration of approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours, if played continuously. Each comes with a USB cord that connects like a phone for charging. Charging time varies from 30 to 60 minutes.

*The cord is also used for connecting to a laptop, computer, TV for larger screen viewing.

The maximum length of a typical Life Story Video (Sponsor Package: 35 photos and two video clips) ranges from 7 to 9 minutes, and will vary, depending on the number of photos and video clips.

The Pocketbook Memory can hold a video of high quality of approximately 40 minutes in length. This is equal to several hundred photos.

Can the Life Story Video be updated in the PocketBook Memory?


There are two options:

Contact us with the changes you want to make. Once those are completed, we can:

a. Ship the player back to us and we will replace the video file with the updated version. The cost is a standard $30, depending on the amount of revisions that are required. Shipping is extra.

b. If the technical capabilities are available, we can update your PocketBook Memory with the new Life Story Video, remotely. We will send the digital video file via the Internet, then walk the family through the replacement of the Life Story Video in a matter of minutes. This cost is $30, depending on the amount of revisions that are required.

*The PocketBook Memory does not have the capability to hold photo images - only video files. We recommend purchasing a digital portrait frame for this.

How much content does the PocketBookMemory Hold?

The PocketBook Memory contains a 1GB of memory which allows for approximately 40 minutes of high quality content. This equates to several hundred photos.

The Sponsor Program

As a Sponsor, how do we get started?

We suggest you go to our Getting Started landing page with all of the isteps to get started. We also suggest a quick conversation with us so you can introduce yourselves and have any questions answered. We want this relationship to be transparent and comfortable for you and your families.

We will be able to confirm contacts,details on branding, delivery and customization needs.

Once this is completed, you are ready to share with your families!

To assist you in introducing the PocketBook Memory, we provide a custom Family Flyer. This will direct your families to register with Memories By Design and begin the process of submitting their PocketBook Memory materials. At that point, Memories By Design will work directly with the family, through completion and delivery.

The finished PocketBook Memory will be shipped to the location of your choice for presentation to each family.

Tell me a little about Memories By Design.

Memories By Design was founded in 2002 with the focus on producing Tribute Videos for the funeral services industry around the country. Using professional photo restoration, custom moves and personalization options, Memories By Design has established a reputation for outstanding products and customer service. Each custom video is created with the attention and respect that each individual it is honoring.

Now, over 18 years later, and after serving over 200,000 families, Memories By Design is taking that expertise to help individuals and families facing the challenges of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Through the PocketBook Memory, we want to help individuals and families keep that special connection alive by preserving and reliving those highlights that have given their life so much meaning.

What if a family would like copies of their PocketBook Memory?

We offer several different delivery options for families.

This includes additional PocketBook Memory players ($60), DVDs ($20), USB drives ($25), digital download (MP4 file) ($20), and Online Hosting ($15/6 months - $30/year). These additional options are usually charged directly to the family but will still retain your branding on the packaging and in the Life Story Video.

They just need to contact us directly and we will be available to assist.

How do families receive the PocketBook Memory?

When a PocketBook Memory is produced, it will be shipped to the location of your choice, allowing you to present each PocketBook Memory to your resident and/or family.

It takes approximately two weeks for production and delivery after final approval by the family.

How does the PocketBook Memory support reminiscence therapy?

Reminiscence therapy is defined as the discussion or presentation of past activities, events and experiences with another person or group with the aid of photographs, music, sounds recordings or physical objects.

In the use of visual and oral stimulants like photographs, video and sound, the PocketBook Memory addresses this need head on.

This includes personal family-selected photos and video clips, the choice of ambient music reinforcing those memories that highlight and honor one's life.

The video clips may include home video of a special occasion such as wedding. vacation. family gathering with sound and narration - or may be a phone video from a loved one who wants to share a special message.

How can caregivers be involved in supporting the PocketBook Memory program?

As a reminiscence therapy tool, the PocketBook Memory is designed to be enjoyed individually or in a shared setting.

The Life Story Video contains specials highlights in a resident’s life providing wonderful conversation topics and subjects to share. When viewing the video, the caregiver has an opportunity to experience this person’s life, and with the captions, it makes it easy to understand the story behind the photo. It is long enough to experience the special moments in a person’s life but short enough not to burden a time-sensitive staff.

What are our branding opportunities?

As a white label product, the PcoketBook Memory becomes yours with branding in various locations throughout the PocketBook Memory case: Front Cover, Inside Cover, both spines and full back cover. To view, click here. In addition: The Life Story Video allows for a short five-second Welcome Message by the Sponsor that may include a combination of name, logo, messaging and photo.


How much work is involved for our staff?

The work is minimal.

Most sponsors simply present the PocketBook Memory to their families, providing a flyer/brochure of information that directs them to register and contact us to get started.

Then we'll handle it from there until the PocketBook Memory is produced and shipped to you for presentation to the family.

If you want to engage a bit more and assist the families in the PocketBook Memory program, some communities conduct mini-workshops that help residents and families collect their photos and videos for the PocketBook Memory. This may include selection, scanning and uploading the materials.

This is a wonderful opportunity to create projects that residents can particpate in when families come to visit. It helps with bonding and family connecting. We can assist you with support materials, if needed.

Regardless, Memories By Design has deigned this program to be turnkey and convenient, allowing each community to be involved as little or as much as they choose. We will always be happy to work directly with the family and customize the process that works best for you.

Do you offer quantity-based pricing?

While our Sponsor base price for each PocketBook Memory is $99 whether one or 100 are ordered, we do offer a 10% discount for any pre-paid orders of 10 or more.

What are the branding opportunities?

As a white label product, there are several places for your name/ogo or other messaging.

We offer placement of the name/logo, motto/catchphrase on the front cover, inside screen cover, both spines and full back cover.

On the full back cover, you have the option to add name/logo, custom photo and/or messaging.

In addition, Life Story Video offers a 5-second Introductory Welcome Messgae that may include name/logo. image, music and even optional announcement.

How do we present the PocketBook Memory?

While designed as a reminiscence therapy tool, the PocketBook Memory resonates at all levels of the Senior Community, creating an emotional connection that brings families together.

Options to offer the PocketBook Memory to all residents and families include:

- Move-In Incentive for all residents

- Family Purchase Option

- Holiday Gift for all residents

- Special Occasion Gift for all residents

- Memory Care specific families

- Tribute Video Gift after resident has passed

We have a customizable Famly Flyer designed to be given to the family with specific steps to get started with their PocketBook Memory.

What marketing support do you offer?

We will provide you a PocketBook Memory Family Flyer to share with your families that can be customized with your name/logo.

We can also design posters, provide website banners, sample videos, marketing videos or any other print collateral.

We can also provide a PocketBook Memory sample with your branding to share with familes in person.

(Due to product material costs, we must charge $50.)

How are we billed?

At the end of each month, you will be invoiced for those PocketBook Memory orders that have been placed by a family. You will have until the 15th of each month to make your payment. Autopay is available: While you will be invoiced as normal, on the 15th of each month, you will your credit card will be charged for that month's amount due and you will receive a confirmation of payment via email. Prepaid orders will hold a Credit amount and whenever an order is placed, it will be deducted from the Credit total at the end of each month, and you will be notified.